Faulkner Forward


Building a Better Future for Faulkner County

This fundraising event on Tuesday, January 23, 5:30 - 7:30 pm is to inform and recruit members to invest in support of progressive candidates regardless of party. The event theme recognizes this groundbreaking nonpartisan approach: "Under Construction". Volunteers dressed in construction garb will serve refreshments and distribute information about Faulkner Forward, its mission and process. 

Conway's EM Jeans, having recently closed doors, will re-open as the EM Event Center with its first event of 2018: an informative reception for the non-partisan political action committee Faulkner Forward. On Monday, Jan 8, at 9 am, EM Event Center windows were re-decorated for this fundraising event. The theme is "Under Construction" as Faulkner Forward works to build support for progressive electoral representation for the county.



Ground Breaking Reception Event


It's time for new representation in Faulkner County. We need leaders who will represent ALL of us. Join us in helping move Faulkner County Forward.




Faulkner Forward PAC recruits and supports candidates for elected offices who are committed to progressive decision-making and legislation grounded in respect for science/technology, education, physical and mental health access/wellness, economic opportunity and social equality.



  1. To provide financial support for candidates who will respectfully serve all constituents, responsibly manage public funds and resources, and sponsor legislation that creates equitable opportunities and guarantees protections for Faulkner County residents.

  2. To create and sustain a network of supporters and contacts that will build a well-funded and coordinated movement to recruit and maintain progressive representation in all elected offices.

  3. To educate potential progressive candidates on the fundamentals of mounting a successful campaign, including financial support and management.


Faulkner Forward PAC

Contact Us: PO Box 10751, Conway, AR 72034
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